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officeHijra Timepiece (M) Sdn Bhd was established in early 2012 as the first anticlockwise producer in the nation. Hijra Timepiece (M) Sdn Bhd was the pioneer in Tawaf Movement products in Malaysia more than two years. The watch industry is by nature highly competitive but our company is being innovative by producing anticlockwise of Tawaf Movement where “Back To Fitrah”

Hijra Timepiece (M) Sdn Bhd is diversified to handle all your requirements in a professional and efficient manner yet focused enough to care about your quality of our product. Hijra Timepiece (M) Sdn Bhd strives to provide the best and most efficient service possible at all times-on-time every time.

         The idea of an earth movement clockwise clock and watches strikes when our founder question his class teacher when he was in primary 3 way back in 1974. His gazillion golden question to his teacher was, why does the clock rotates from left to right and not vice-versa. When the answer that he got was conservatively. So the quest to find clockwise begins. While studying in California, USA, he discover s that mother nature’s and its inhabitants move from right to left which is known as anticlockwise. The earth rotates on its own axis from right to left and so does the moon and the planets circulating the sun, so does the Milky Way. Undoubtedly all plants when they grow, they will rotates from right to left. Even the hurricane gets its strength by rotating from right to left. Furthermore, among athletics even starts and finish from right to left. Running on the track and field , throwing shot put and discus, top spin, bicycle races etc. Even when you look out the running water in the sink, it rotates from right to left. As the audience grows day by day, Hijra founder realize that the time clockwise of today’s clock and watches should be rotating from right to left. Through the existing clockwise was imitating the ancient sundial shadow rotation but today clock and watches does not apply sundial shadow shadow movement on its creation. Furthermore, the ancient sundial clock way more of a kind of worshiping the then goddess and today’s watch and clock does not has any relationship with worshiping, its purely a time machine that moves accordingly to nature’s form. The Sun even moves from east to west or right to left. Based on these evidences and findings, the first earth movement clock and watch was made in 2001. Though this is not the world first anti clock wise watches made because some watch maker has in the port make such a watches and clock. However, those anti clock wise watches when it was made the intention is more of fashion and uniqueness. On the contrary Hijra movement clock and watch when it was introduced in 2009 was to the fact that Hijra believes the true clockwise is from right to left which is the earth movement and therefore Hijra embarked into a mission to see that the whole world adapt the true clockwise of earth movement which is from right to left. To see that the whole world change the present clock to the true clockwise movement relating with the formation of Hijra Timepiece (M) Sdn Bhd on 11th September 2013. With the above above story line , Hijra believe that we are the first clock and watches company in the world that want to change the world clock and watches movement to the true clockwise movement that is the earth movement or that was called ‘Tawaf Movement’


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